Automated calls at midnight

Small system 13/13 on a PI. I get calls on my cell phone every night at midnight telling me the status on my voicemail box. It just started a couple of days ago. I think I must have pushed a wrong button while listening to messages. Thoughts?

Do you have voicemail notify set up by chance?

I’ll have a look at that one. Can a user enable for disable it?

yep, if you have the module it’s under Applications>Voicemail Notifcations. You can enable/disable at will there.

I don’t have that module. What I did see in the PBX CDR logs is a CID that’s not in the inbound routes. I’ve blacklisted it to see what happens. Give me a day to check.

Turns out the calls are coming from some old service that was at the site before we turned up the FreePBX. Not only that, but the fax number got hijacked and rerouted to a voicemail box. Oh such fun.

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