Automated Audio Conference Bridge Tool (Aastra 480i)

Hi all,

We use Asterisk at work and also use Aastra 480i and 9480i phones. Our staff likes the built in conference bridge service Asterisk has but if your the phone administrator like I am setting up conference bridges all the time for our users is time involved. Well setting up passwords is.

Because of this I made an automated conference bridge tool that works on the Aastra phones so our users can create their own conference bridges and stop bugging me.

It’s pretty cool I think. It allows you to create a password for a bridge and manage the bridge after you connect. You can lock and unlock the bridge. Mute or unmute the people that connect, and you can see on the phone who is in the bridge. And of course you can kick people out as well.

I would like to contribute the code to anyone who is interested. How can I post it on here?