Auto Transfer from IVR


I’m just in the process of installing and setting up my Trixbox CE v2.6.2.5 machine with X-Lite as the client. I’m wondering if anyone could share some lights and help me out here.

  1. How do I set to auto transfer from IVR if there is no input from the user menu.

  2. What is the best way for sharing phonebooks? I’ve tried the Asterisk Phonebook, but you have manually entered / save the numbers and it didn’t work. Is there a way to combine all numbers saved from every extension?

  3. How to change the default greetings? e.g. “Goodbye” or “The Extension is not available…”

Thanks guys…any help will be very much appreciated.

SkykingOH, sure i should’ve posted on trixbox forums.

w5waf, they are 90% similar to that link and i’ve followed the ones in the link. But i can’t seem to find anything in regards to auto transfer from IVR if no user input.

Anyway, thx to both of you…i’ll try to post it up on trixbox forum.

BF, Yes that’s what I’m trying to do… I want the IVR to go to ring group option, but it seems before that the greetings keep repeating in a loop and i can’t break out from the menu (announcement). Maybe I had misconfigured something… So, I had to replan the route and somehow it works out the way I wanted. Lol. Sorry, I should have bit more details before.

But thx for that… I’ll give it a go… I probably missed that…

Suprised the “t” option didn’t work. It’s been a feature since the ARI days (over 5 years ago). Maybe I don’t understand what you are trying to do. I assumed you wanted the IVR to go to a certain destination if no button was pushed, but I guess I didn’t understand. Please be more specific on what you are trying to accomplish.


Not sure if this will work with Trixbox…but:

I suggest you direct your questions to the trixbox forum.

trixbox uses a modified, out of date, unsupported version of FreePBX.