Auto provisioning settings have wrong sip port


I have a Freepbx system on a Sangoma appliance. Everything is working apart from the autoprovisioning for the extensions.(note I didn’t set this up, it was someone previously involved with this system who is no longer around).
For example in the settings of the phone (Sangoma S500) it mentions the sip server as being - however the server is using chan_sip and the asterisk sip server port is set as 5060 and only using chan_sip. If I change the setting (on the phone) to use port 5060 the phone registers and all is fine. But, if the phone reboots it comes back as saying the sip server is and subsequently the phone doesn’t register.
Question is where is this setting coming from ? I can’t see reference to this anywhere. If I check the extensions tab in the applications section it mentions 5060 and the phone as using chan_sip.

Anyone know where the look / edit ?



Check and see if you have the Commercial (or possibly the Open Source) EPM installed. If you do, the setting is probably in the base file for the phone.

You should also check the Extension Settings for the phones and make sure the SIP port in the extension definition is set to 5060.

Finally, if all of them are doing it, consider switching your SIP port 5160. Non-standard ports make it marginally harder for script kiddies to attack your systems.

I’ve found where the setting title is, the issue now is where to edit it. I need to find where the settings are for “Account 1”

Account 1 is the account on the phone that is referencing port 5160.



Settings, Asterisk SIP Settings is where you verify the port Chan_SIP is listening on.
Applications, Extensions is where you can see the Account 1 settings.

If you are using Chan_SIP and not Chan_PJSIP then port 5160 is the default.

EPM grabs the port dynamically. It looks to SIP Settings module and to each extension and depending if the extension is setup as PJSIP or Chan SIP it uses the correct port automatically.


All the extensions (via applications, extensions) and the Asterisk sip settings are set to port 5060. In the advanced settings the box is set to only use Chan_Sip. However it was pj_sip when the original extensions were configured (with chan_sip being 5160, pjsip 5060). Do I need to recreate them to force 5060 ? Or is there some config file somewhere that I can edit ?



Just reprovision the phones. Generate new config files and reboot them to get the new settings.
Changing the extensions settings or your PBX doesn’t mean anything if you don’t provision the phones again.

Thanks for that.

I just had to go into the Endpoint manager, select the “sangoma default” template and then tell it to save and rebuild the config. Then it was just a case of rebooting the phones.

The thing that wasn’t obvious was the terminology - in my case “Account 1” and the sangoma default template were one and the same.

Many Thanks