Auto Provisioning of Polycom Phone not working

I got FreePBX working and upgraded to the latest version available.

I installed and Enabled the Firmware for my SP501 phones and enabled the TFTP Server.

Created an extension and used the Endpoint Manager to configure my phones MAC address with the newly setup extension.

If I look in my /tftpboot folder I see the MAC.cfg and MAC_reg.cfg files created for my MAC address along with some firmware files.

I formatted the filesystem and setup the proper IP address for my TFTP server and everything seemed to be working fine.

I monitored the TFTP connections using TCPDUMP and saw that the phone was communicating and getting files.

All of a sudden I get the following.

Cannot contact boot server. Using existing configuration.

Error Loading MAC.cfg!

Phone reboots and same process starts over and over and over ect…

Now my TFTP IP address is statically assigned and I checked the DHCP Menu of the phone and made sure that the IP address was listed and BootServer was set to Static.

Hopefully someone has seen this or has some helpful ideas.

Thanks in advance.

I have seen this same problem with an install I did last week using Polycom 550’s and FreePBX 2.10. Good news, they have finally all provisioned using TFTP. I just kept hammering at it formatting file system, reset local config, and switching between dhcp and static. Some of the phones provisioned via dhcp and some static. I still haven’t been able to find out what was going on. Now that they are all provisioned they are working like a champ. I suspect that it may have something to do with the Polycom UCS 4.0.1. If you have the new bootROM and UCS you may try and configure the provisioning server via the new web interface. Also if your use to SIP 3.0 the new UCS takes a while to show that the network and servers connected. One other suggestion is to manually add the phone’s fixed ip and subnet to the permit field in under extensions.