Auto Provisioning not working


So I have a FreePBX environment in the cloud with CyberLynk. I just got a S705 phone.

I’ve followed any instructions I can find for setting up the auto provisioning using the redirect services.

I’ve added my phone to my Sangoma Portal and pointed it to the distribution. It shows that the phone has polled the Sangoma servers. I’ve made sure my template and settings are configured in FreePBX and the extension has been added with the MAC address. I have two other systems that I’ve configured auto provisioning to work but can’t seem to find what im missing here? The phone just sits at the default blank screen and never auto configures

I’ve factory reset the phone and still nothing. So perhaps I’m missing something

If your using our portal redirect did you setup in the deployment page of the Portal your deployment redirct settings.

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I think that’s what I was missing right as you typed that I found this section that I just filled out and now it seems to be working

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