Auto Logout of Agents in Queue

Hi All,

I’ve been searching around trying to get auto-logout to work for agents in my FreePBX queue. As suggested in some other posts I have switched to user and device mode (previously extensions mode). Expecting to find the agents.conf file so I can switch this option ON.

The challenge I have is the pause feature does not seem to work consistently and agents have no visual confirmation if they are paused or not.

Management would prefer that the agents be bumped out of the queue if they miss a call and then they can log back into the queue when returning to thier desks.

Does any one know of how to do this, have I done something wrong?

Appreciate the assistance.

Their is no such thing as auto logout in app_queue that I am aware of. Secondly agents.conf has not been used in years by Asterisk.

Their is no need to be in device user mode since no auto logout exist and doing so will break other things.

You need to use auto pause feature in FreePBX 2.11. You can also program a BLF button to be your pause button and it will be red anytime the agent is paused.

Hi Tony,

Thanks for this. I had read another post saying you needed to switch to device and user, that’s why I had tried the change. What items will “break” as part of the change?

We have the auto-pause enabled.

Also – the BLF key while would be helpful – our agents are using a softphone and does not have the option for programmable buttons. Are you aware of any softphone client that will allow for the BLF?

Nope I am not aware of any softphones with BLF.

Device and User mode is just not supported in FreePBX anymore for years and has lots of known issues.