Auto login/logout to a queue for dynamic agent on register/unregister ext

is it possible to Auto login/logout to a queue for the dynamic agent on register/unregister ext
when a user registers his extension will auto-dial *45 and when goes unregistered auto-dial *45

Depending on the model of phone, you can have a script do it from the phone itself.

As an example, Yealink phones have an event that triggers on register.

That even calls a URL. So you could have a custom script ready to handle that on the PBX.

i am using a softphone…can you recommend one that support this feature (run a custom script)

As a rule (even unspoken) we don’t usually make a lot of recommendations, The most obvious reason is because there are so many soft phones (and hard phones for that matter) that making a suggestion on a vague requirement while not knowing how much experience or training you have is a recipe for disaster.

There are lots and lots of soft phones out there that supply source code. Perhaps you should start with one of those and build in the features you need.

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