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I’m searching a simple solution to dial phone numbers independent from the user’s phone hardware. Obviously one easy way to go is creating .call files in /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/. I’m using a call file like
Channel: Local/18@from-internal
Callerid: Wähle 01701234234 <01701234234>
Context: from-internal
Extension: 01701234234
MaxRetries: 0
Priority: 1

My phone on extension 18 rings and if I pick up my phone I will be connected to 01701234234. So far, so good.
BUT if I don’t pick up fast enough or decline the call, the external phone 01701234234 is called anyway and is connected to my voicemailbox which must be very confusing to the external person.

Therefore I am looking for a way to restrict the call files to the real extensions. The calls initiated by call files should not be redirected to anywhere else.

Any ideas on this? If possible I would like to avoid diving to deep into asterisk and the dialplans. Especially because I’m afraid of freepbx updates removing any self hacked features in the future.

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