Auto Dial to an extension?

Just got FreePBX ( and Asterisk (1.8) setup. All calls will be internal. Trying to setup a dial plan that when user pickup the courtesy phone, the phone will automatic dial to a specific extension.

Any help is appreciated.

Basic Info:

User picks up Phone (Extension 20001), phone will automatic dial to extension 21000.

Thanks for the information. It works by modifying the config file.

Replace the dialplan string with (S0<:destinationnumber>) on a Linksys or Sipura ATA. The box will autodial the number when the receiver of the phone connected to it is lifted.

Hope that helps.

This is the kind of thing that, for a SIP-connected phone, would be programmed at the phone, not at the server.

I found tips for both Polycom and SPA analog adapters on this old thread: