Auto delete call recordings under 5 sec and don't record calls to a specific number?

Does anyone have an easy way (either from front-end or via script on the back-end) to have FreePBX delete all call recordings under 5 secs automatically? I recall that GrandstreamUCM had a nice maintenance/clean-up utility which allowed for easy “clean up” of short recordings etc.

Also any way to setup FreePBX to never record a specific number? i.e. my trunk has a number that you can call and have the CID read back to you (555-555-0911) and I call it for diagnostic purposes all the time from an extension that forces all outbound external calls to be recorded, so I’d like the calls to this number to not take up recording space.

The second issue can be resolved creating a new outbound route with that specific DID you are dialing. Set it to Never for the recording settings.

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This is just a side note, but I thought FreePBX wouldn’t allow you to leave under a 5 second message.
If you call voicemail, say “This is a test” real quick and hang up, you won’t receive it because it was never saved.

This is nothing to do with voicemail; I want all CALL recordings under 5 secs to be deleted automatically

Sorry, misunderstood… yes call recordings :slight_smile:

I remember someone writing a quick bash script that checked if wav file in the directory was smaller than a certain size, it was assumed not big enough for a real recording.

The bash script idea makes sense
If anyone has that or knows how to do it please share it. Thanks

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