Auto Attendant HELP!


I am currently working on a SmartHome/Automated Home system and have ran into a major hangup in FreePBX. Everything appears to work, except for my auto attendent. Below, are the steps I took in order to create it, and hopefully someone out there can help me find a solution. The problem is simply that I’m not getting my auto attendant to actually take form in a call. Its as if it is not in line.

  1. Recorded my Voicefile via one of the SIP phones in the network.

  2. Downloaded all the proper modules to get the IVR working.

  3. Created my IVR - Set the announcement as my soundfile, and set up my 3 extensions as options 1, 2 and 3.

  4. Originally, I set up my inbound route as a Description of “AutoAttendant” just like everything and set the destination to “IVR.” (Note* When I did this, the phone would not even ring. There would be about a 10 second pause and it was just say “goodbye.”)

  5. I set up a ring group, with the set destination to IVR. Once this was done, i changed my inbound route destination to “Ring Group.”

NOTE When set up this way, all the phones in the network ring, and can be answered, but it never makes it to the Auto Attendant.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

Can you get a Asterisk CLI trace of the failed call