Auto Answer through DISA not working?


I have DISA setup, i can dial in, when i dial an extension, instead of the phone auto answering (as it does through the intercom), it just rings the phone. If I am internal on one of phones in my office the auto answering does work.

The person working on my phone said it is a bug, if thats the case, how do I submit that to freepbx?

**Hi, Richard. I’ve done some testing, and congratulations, I think you’ve found a bug in FPBX. It seems that the extension information improperly loads for DISA calls made into the system. So, that means that the “auto-answer” “alert info” isn’t being picked up and sent to the phone.

The interior code is rough enough that I can’t quite figure out where they are making the mistake, but I can see the effect by comparing a few different calls.

I’d suggest what you do is reach out to the guys at “Schmooze” and explain what is happening, and get them to fix it. **

This is not a bug as DISA does not have a option to auto answer calls it is placing. It would be a feature request.