Auto Answer on Specific Call Originations via ARI

We built a click-to-call app in Salesforce, and I was wondering if we could make the calls we originate from that app to automatically pick up on the user’s desk phone, as opposed to just ringing it.

From what I could see, we can set a “ring-answer” in FreePBX for our Polycom configurations, but that makes them automatically pick up for any call when we only want them to auto answer for these click-to-call clicks.

Is there any way in ARI to pass an auto-answer/ring-answer command to the endpoint?


Upgrade the “Paging” module to 13.0.23.

Then in ARI the originate context you’ll want to use is “originate-aa”. This will use FreePBX internals to figure out the Auto-Answer and also block voicemail if there is no answer.

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Oh, you’re the best! I’ll let you know how it works as soon as it hits the stable track.

We have 500 users in production now so I’m off the edge track :slight_smile:

Good call too on the voicemails; I forgot to think of that but we were having people racking up a lot of empty voicemails from the click-to-call originations.

Hi Andrew,

I ran the FW console command to install the edge version of Paging and it is now on 13.0.24

Our Polycom VVX 300 phones are still not answering however. We tried originate-aa in the endpoint string, and the context string, then in both, but the phone won’t auto answer. It was also going to voicemail since there was no answer. Are we not triggering the context correctly?

Just to narrow things down, using a Paging Extension or the Intercom prefix still auto-answers the phones as intended.

We figured it out: if a phone has “Find Me / Follow Me” enabled, the originate-aa parameter doesn’t get passed to it.

Actually you have your variables wrong.

It should be:

endpoint: "local/[email protected]"
context: “from-internal”