Auto answer internal calls?


I currently have the following setup, 4x SPA504g’s. I am adding another line & the person who helped me setup everything is not available.


If I call any of these phones internally they will auto pickup which is a feature I like.

I bought another phone (SPA504G), set it up as x105 and for some reason if i call 105, it doesnt auto answer. If I call from 105 to 101-104, they will auto answer.

I dont want it so that if an outside call comes in that it auto answers, just if it is an internal call.


It’s an option in the extension setting in FreePBX

I don’t see that in the extension setting in FreePBX. Am I missing something. I can do *80 fine and that works but this deployment they want to dial each others extension and that persons phone auto answers - external calls they actually get a ring.

Internal auto answer, about 6 options down in the extension page.

Please always tell us what version FreePBX you are running when asking for assistance.

Thanks for the quick response.
I see - this is for an older PBX (Trixbox running FreePBX System Status Version: I haven’t started into FreePBX distro yet but have it in a VMware and see what you are referencing. Is there anyway to get this functionality in Trixbox?

trixbox does not contain genuine FreePBX. Fonality took version 2.6 and put their name on it.

If you have this functionality it was custom programmed.

Since Fonality abandoned the project you need to put a plan in place to migrate off. With all the bad mojo Fonality left nobody has any interest in supporting trixbox.