Auto answer calls when using the AMI


We have a development team that are trying to use the AMI of FreePBX to auto answer their calls.

Basically, they have developed an application that links in with the PBX so that when someone presses a number in the application it dials that number by placing a call to the extension of the user then dialling out once answered.

They want the application/ AMI to automatically answer this call then dial out, so that they user does not need to answer on the handset all of the time

This dialling part is all functional and working, but they cannot get the auto answer working, and to be honest, I am not familiar enough with custom dialplans to help in this instance, however I know it can be done, becaise iSymphony uses the exact same principle.

Does anyone know of a custom dial plan that can be used to auto answer when using the AMI to plugin? Or can anyone point me in the direction of the ones used by iSymphony?

We do not want the extension to auto answer normal calls, therefore we need the AMI to auto answer in this instance.

FYI I have also pointed them in the direction of

There are schemes in most phones to send an alert-info tag to the phone to tell it to auto-answer. Would that work?

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