Auto answer call and forward


I have a ringcentral trunk and i have it setup in freepbx.


Status: 5060 OK (85 ms)

123456789:*******:[email protected]:5090/123456789
Status: Registered

I cant receive or make calls with the rincentral trunk.
If i try to make a call i just get all circuits are busy now…
If i try to receive a call nothing happens, as if its not even setup.
But I can make it work perfectly with a Yealink T48G phone just for the record.

So my next thought was; i was going to forward the ringcentral number to another trunk by another voip provider. I will do this forwarding from ringcentrals end, i would make a sequence, first it tries to forward 1 number then another and so on until it got through.

This kinda works. Except that if i have pbx inbound route going straight to ivr then ringcentral ignores it and goes to its own voicemail. But if i set it to a ringgroup and actually have some phone ringing then the phone rings but still does not go to pbx voicemail if no one picks up. It goes back to ringcentral voicemail regardless of timing.

I have searched online for pbx auto answer then forward etc… but im out of luck.

What i am doing right now that does work; and that is in ringcentral unconditionally forward to 1 number and all calls go there. But i dont want it like this because its too expensive. Ideally i would like the ringcentral number setup in freepbx so the calls can be received right there and go to an ivr. But im willing to put a bit of a mickey-mouse solution here if i have to.

let me know what i can give you to help trouble shoot.

Show us the log entry from /var/log/asterisk/full of the registration attempt. That will help us troubleshoot the problem.

After that, post the same source output of an outbound call through the trunk. The return code from the outbound attempt will help us troubleshoot that leg.

Important piece of trivia: even though inbound and outbound trunk configuration looks like it should be the same thing, they are largely independent. Asterisk allows us to “shorthand” the legs together using the “type=friend” directive, but they are really separate and distinct things.

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