AUTHTYPE=database and ARI user logins

I did the upgrade to 2.9beta4 yesterday on our asterisk 1.4 system, and I’m having a slightly different problem than stonet had with 2.9 beta Free PBX Login.

In our system, AUTHTYPE is set to database, and works fine for administrative logins. The problem is that after upgrading, ARI users (i.e., folks checking their VM mailboxes at http://…com/recordings/) now have to authenticate via HTTP authentication with an admin username/password before they get to the ARI login page to enter their mailbox extension and password. If I set AUTHTYPE=none in amportal.conf, they go straight to the ARI login, but of course I then lose authentication for the admin portal.

Should AUTHTYPE affect ARI users as well as administrative users, or is there something I’ve misconfigured somewhere?


Well, I posted 15 minutes too soon. I saw and installed the ARI Framework version and the problem is solved.