Authenticate a caller

Hello Community,

I want callers to enter a password if asked to get into a specific queue. It is a free hotline for costumers that bought a product and already have a customernumber. The caller gets an announcement that they have to enter their customernumber and if this number is in a hourly updating database, they get into the queue. I have no idea how to set this up in FreePBX. Our old Asterisk 1.4 server uses the [Authenticate()][1] command for that.
I hope you can help me.


The third party module, Dynamic Routes can direct a call based on a live database lookup:

You will get unsigned module warnings which you can dismiss, but otherwise works well.

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Thanks. That’s what I was looking for.

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I had a problem with the query: I always got the default destination, until I figured out, that the module can’t even establish a connection between it and the MySQL Server. I used the hostname of the MySQL server and not the IP-Address. By replacing the hostname with the IP-Address I fixed the issue. I don’t know if this is a module bug or my fault, because I have set up the correct DNS server in FreePBX.

EDIT: The problem was that the Asterisk server isn’t in the companies internal domain, so it couldn’t fetch the hostname.