AudioCodes 320HD light BLF

I have configured in the freepbx of model 320hd audiocodes phones but I can not run the lamp field lights.
Have you ever used this model of phones?

The programmed buttons in the blf work well but do not light the associated light.

I hope in your help …

Thank you


You need to set the button as “Speed Dial+BLF”, enable “BLF Support” and set “Application Server” to “Asterisk”.

For call pickup when BLF button is blinking, be sure to enable Call Pickup.

These options are all in the phone’s Web GUI in firmware version 1.6.x.

I have a working 320HD so let me know if you need further help.

Thanks very much. Now the phone works fine with the BLF and you resolve my problem.
Thanks arielgrin.

You are welcome. Glad I was able to help