Audio work behind NAT only if SNAT are enabled

My Asterisk is behind a NAT and SIP setting was configured as needed.
To let Audio work during a call, I need to enable SNAT on a Firewall for the Internet traffic incoming to Asterisk. In this manner, Internet traffic (coming from remore SIP Client on Internet) are sent to Asterisk with Firewall IP as origin IP.
SNAT is a bad configuration is bad because FreePBX’s Firewall cannot correctly ban remote IP.
Is the SNAT a requisite? Is SNAT mandatory?

If the remote address is being replaced inside the private network, you have a SIP ALG (application level gateway), not NAT. The use of SIP ALG with Asterisk is seriously discouraged as there are many reports or more serious problems than the one you mention.

If you are inside a private network, you do need NAT, but that only affects the address as seen from the public side. Any sensible ISP will reject traffic with a source IP address that is not routable, and may well reject traffic that does not originate from one of their address ranges.

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