Audio thru IVR

I am completely puzzled. Have a incoming did that points to a time condition, if times are good goes to IVR which says if you press 0 go to this queue. If nothing happens I have a t in the box on option 2 and it takes you to that same queue. So if you hit 0 or do nothing you are going to the same place.

Here is what is weird. If I hit 0 the agents in that queue start ringing. I can call from my cel and talk all I want and the conversation is perfect. If I call in and let it timeout it rings to the queue and I can talk to one of the agent for a couple seconds before I cannot hear them any longer. They can hear me. And from time to time after long pauses I may be able to partially hear them but only for a moment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am trying hard to retire our trixbox pro system as we need more phones but I refuse to continue to sink money into those licenses.