Audio stream as a channel or extension - JACK()?

I need to receive audio stream from some compatible streaming source and view this streaming source in Asterisk as an extension or channel (for Asterisk to be able to work with it).
In this way I could enable conference participants to listen to this stream and work with this stream as with any other extension in this conference.

It there any way how to do this, maybe with JACK? Can anyone share some example of how to do this? Many thanks!

If asterisk is built with chan_console support (it needs portaudio) then you can read and configure /etc/asterisk/console.conf to suit there are a family of asterisk cli commands:-

console (then press tab) to explore

Unfortunatelly, I am using original FreePBX distro.

Is it possible to rebuild FreePBX Stable-6.12.65 Asterisk 11.15.0 (and how?) without risk of loosing script/sysadmin update functionality and additional problems?

Will this be ok? ???

I’m sorry I have only minimal experience with the distribution and sysadmin.