Audio issue

inbound calls fail often,one way audio sound issue

I’ve got asterisk 11 ruining on centos 6.3 with clear i725 modem and dlink 524 router. I’ve been having audio and inbound call failures since i switched modems and ISP. I;m looking into ALG mode to see if its causing a problem with sip phone but haven’t found info for alg mode with my router yet. both isp clear and paid support said i need to get static public ip from clear but no longer available so they mentioned to bridge the modem and disable nat which i did but then had trouble registering trunks. if i can get the trunks to register after disabling nat i may be able resolve this issue ,or can you recommend what i should try

but how can i place and recieve calls without freepbx showing trunks online and registered?
Phone says lines are registered.

its the dhcp on the modem

You can’t really connect more than one device without router in a home setup (I’m assuming you either use cable or dsl) unless you ISP is providing more than one IP address. So check the IP addresses you now have on your phone and freepbx server, it might be they both receive the same public IP which would be a bad thing. It’s ok with 1 device but not more.

I’m surprised and wondering how the phone would obtain ip address with out a router I must have dhcp server installed that i am unaware. The staringe thing is I was showing 2 trunks online with out any trunk registrations then I updated the ip address in freepbx network settings and updated the ip address of the phone server on the phone. Everything is still working perfectly after a phone reboot, but freepbx does not show and trunks online or registrations? Asterisk log files states trunk-1 is timming out and Temporary failure in name resolution for trunk 2

thank you so much!!
I unpluged the dlink and ran through 24 port netgear hub i bought for 3.99 and everthing works. (inbound-outbound-all sound)no call failures!

Firstly d-link’s 524 is a junk I have encountered numerous one way audio/no audio issues with it or failed registration (esp. nokia’s phones with built in sip client).

I like routers that run either tomato or dd-wrt although I have preference for tomato currently. Asus have currently plenty of those from the cheapest asus rt-n11, mid-range asus rt-n16 (you have 2 usb ports) which allows you to install additional software to the router (even asterisk although not freepbx) or use usb dongle as wan port (ideal on a vacation in a place with bad internet), up to asus rt-n66u (with 5GHz band as well).

It’s probably your dlink router. Dlink routers are absolute junk. I recently tested a DIR-615 and SIP would not work through it no matter what settings I used.

Most of the time I have found ALG causes more problems then it is supposed to solve. I usually have to disable that setting.

thank you , can you recommend an affordable router

Then you just have to test it whether the router inside the modem does the job for you. And how well you can configure it (forward ports, maybe qos and other stuff).

Have you updated your SIP settings in the Asterisk SIP settings module? You are probably on a new local network range and might also have to update your external IP address there. You might also have to play with the modem router settings (SIP ALG again?)