Audio drops out momentarily


Can anyone do this on their sangoma phones (ideally S500) for me and tell me if the same thing happens:
Have an active call going with someone and while talking access the web interface of one of the person you’re talking to, and simply browse to the network > advanced page, and see if the audio drops out for about half a second as you do that.

I’ve been trying to find an issue some users have complained about for a while, I had previously put it down to something on the network causing it, but it could be the phones themselves. Periodically the phones screen will flicker, like something has done a check or update in the background, however i think it’s when this happens that people are reporting the issue, as if it happens in a call (easier to notice in longer calls) it causes the audio to drop for a moment. Any ideas what could be causing this? I’ve got “ReSync time” set to quite a high value, so i can’t (or shouldn’t) be this.

I can test this in a bit but navigating through the GUI and going to things like network page cause the phone to have to parse all the config and I could see it causing a CPU spike. When you say the screen flickers can you describe this more.

Also if you open a support ticket with us at we would be happy to help. We would need you to re create the issue on audio loss that you are seeing randomly meaning the next time it happens make note of the exact date and time and open a ticket and attach the logs from the phone. They will tell us what’s going on at the exact moment in the phone.

I thought that might be the case regarding the spikes in resource utilization, this is what connected me to the issue of audio dips and the “refreshing” that I’m seeing periodically.

It’s a difficult one, as it’s one of those things i occasionally catch out of the corner of my eye, or while on a long call as i vacantly stare at the phone :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll keep an eye out for it today and if i catch a time i’ll make a note and get the logs off it, but from memory it flickers in the same way as it does when you tell it to update the config from EPM.

…Typical now that I’ve been staring at it for 10 minutes that it isn’t happening.

This is how I usually feel when I actually go to a customer’s location for a trouble call.

Hello Mrbios.
Did you solve this issue?
I am having a kind of same problem. see: Audio dropouts on vm systeem with >25 Distro vm's