Audio dropped after a random time

Hi, the last month i’m having a big problem with the calls: after a random time, some RTP packets are dropped, losing seconds of the call.
I checked on the SIP provider and the virtual infrastructure provider, doing some test with perfect results.
I think that the problem is about the modules or operating system after the upgrading.
Did you find the same problem?

Hello Piero,

Maybe you can try to delete all the unused commercial modules. Not disable them, but delete them.
Afterwords reboot the PBX and cheack again if this helps.
I am very curouis with the results.
Notice that all Commercial modules will be reinstalled and enabled after a distro upgrade.
Please let me know the results.

We’ve seen reports like this in the past. There are two places to look at:

  1. Check to find out if these are happening at the “top of the minute”. There are several CRON jobs that run that can exhaust system resources and cause problems like this.

  2. Check your network for congestion that these times. If your network transit times climb to above 100 msec or so, you can get RTP packet dropouts.

Removing commercial modules is a “sort of” solution for problem 1. There are several modules that can tie up resources if not configured correctly and these run at the top of the minute. DIsabling them should remove them from the crontab (and if you find that it doesn’t, you need to submit a ticket) but removing them should also remove them from the crontab file, which accomplishes your goal.

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Hi, i tried to remove commercial modules, to clean unused modules and analyzed the crontab file but the problem persists.
I contacted my virtual infrastructure provider, doing tests ( with MTR and IPERF commands) but all is perfect.
Which other tests can i do?