Audio Delay when using call forwarding

I have call forwarding configured using a ring group with an external number and day/night mode. The forwarding function works as expected.

The problem is that when talking there is about a 1-2 second audio delay between the two callers.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

I have a delay if I call a number. When you call out from a SIP phone to an extension, and the other side answers, but does not speak, it keeps ringing until just after they speak. I think it is caused by the slow processor on the thin client that we use. So the question is: How fast is your processor and how much memory do you have?

I am using latest freepbx witch asterisk 11, fresh install, and when I use followme to forward a call to my movile phone I get a 1 to 2 seconds delay in audio when We talk, during all the conversation.
Any solution for this?
The computer has a dual core with 3 gb of ram, I tryed with the grandstream GXW4104 forwarding the call and also tryed with a VoIp account, and same result.

Please, I beg :slight_smile:
Any advice?
I tryed using a very good Sip Provider and also Grandstream GXW4104 to forward calls using FreePBX but same 1-2 seconds delay when talking, its small ammount of delay but very annoying…