Audible Caller ID

I’m trying to come up with a solution to assist a visually impaired client. We already have a FreePBX install in place so I want to figure if there’s any easy way to accomplish within that framework without having to buy a bunch of extra hardware.

The user, being visually impaired, really has no ability to see the caller ID on his phone… we’ve tried a few different phones but the caller ID display is never big enough to see. So what I’ve thought might work is to have a 2nd phone on his desk and to have some sort of script within the FreePBX system that when a call comes in the 2nd phone will auto-answer and announce the caller ID over the speaker (ie. incoming call from “john doe” <123-555-1234>).

I’m pretty sure FreePBX/Asterisk is capable of doing something like this… can any of the gurus here point me in the general direction of how it might be accomplished?

Cheers and thanks,

Using Caller ID Superfecta and Send to Growl, you can announce inbound calls using a Growl client on a PC/mac.