Attended transfer Display Number original Caller

I want to have the number of the original caller displayed when the call is transferred via attended transfer. I have set the Send RPID field of both handsets to “send remote party ID header”. As well as the RPID field of the general setings to yes. This works for unattended transfer but not for attended transfer. So I have two extensions 30 and 31. A call comes in from 06123456 on extension 30. 30 transfers to 31. After the call has been transferred 30 is displayed in the screen of 31. I want to have 06123456 displays. How can I configure that?

You should configure your phones too. Many brands have this settings that show which SIP headers.

When you edit extension, you have to ensure that Trust RPID is enabled as well.

Is this have to be enabled on both the extensions and phones?

HI Igaetz,

Thanks for your help. I did have Trust RPID enabled. But I have to check the phone settings.