Attended transfer and call recording

Hi friends,

I am using freepbx2.5 for asterisk

I am able to do attended transfer using *2 feature in

A calls B then B calls C using *2 feature then B hangs up and A & C connects.
I enabled call recording for all extensions. I am able to record conversations between A & B as well as B & C but
when B hangs all recording stops.I think there is a way to enable recording between A & C too.
Please help me to solve this issue.I can see that when B hangs then MixMonitor stops recording.
Is there any way to enable this???please help me


Is this already resolved on the latest stable version?

This should be resolved in 2.10

Scenario: A calls B, then A used *2 to call C. A and C are talking while B is on-hold. At this point recording still on but as soon as A drops from call then B and C start talking, the recording stop.

Where should I look to fix this problem?