Attended transfer "*2" doesn't send caller id to trasfered extension

Hi all,

i’m sorry if a wrong session of forum. I have one freepbx if all configured and the features code work, but only trouble i have is when i do a attended transfer with code *2 the transfer work but the caller id doesn’t not update.


tel A call B
tel B press feature code
tel C ring
tel C answer
tel B hangup
tel C doens’t see the caller id transfered, but only see the caller id of telephone B and tel A see the same thing.

i configured this 3 field for resolv this but nothing is appened, the fields are:

I have urgently to do this because the PBX is in production from one week!!!

please help me!!!

thanks in advantage!!

PS: i’m sorry for my bad english!!! :slight_smile:

This has been solved ages ago as long as your have a modern SIP Phone that supports P-Asserted for updated Caller ID.