Attempting to setup a Sangoma S500 externally on a VPN

I am pulling what little hair I have left in trying to register the phone with VPN active. I followed Lorne’s comment and provisioned my new S500 to work with the PBX locally to ensure it functions correctly.

Then I followed Tony’s instructions (below) to the letter and followed the Wiki to the letter (I must be missing something) but I cannot get the phone to register. It says VPN active but not obtaining a VPN IP address, I have port 1194 open and pointing to the FreePBX server.

Running the latest FreePBX, has anything changed since this thread on March 2017? Anyone willing to point me in the right direction? Please and thank you.

tonyclewisTony LewisCOO Sangoma

Mar '17

Guys I think you are all way over complicating this

The wiki here outlines it. 192

You dont have to download any tar files, you dont have to change templates.

Once you enable VPN for a user in user manager and have your VPN server running all you do is in end point manager you go edit extension routing and tell the extension what VPN client to use. This will rebuild the config for that phone and have it connect to the PBX using the VPN IP not the IP defined in the template.

The VPN IP if left default, on the phone server, should be unless you change it. This is what the endpoint will use to register the extension to the phone server. The VPN client will be whatever is created when you create an extension and download the VPN files from the UCP.

Thank you Lon, this is where I get confused. Tony says ‘You dont have to download any tar files, you dont have to change templates’

You don’t have to download anything. EPM tells the phone how to download it. If you can’t get it to work contact support and they can assist you.

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no tar files, just the files the client will need to communicate with the vpn on your phone server. I havent used EPM. I have figured this out on my own and have working production servers.

I opened a support ticket as @tonyclewis suggested. Meanwhile, I reconfigured the phone from scratch this morning on my office LAN, then configured it via EPM to VPN and brought the phone home, plugged it in and voila it worked!

I looked at all my settings and the only thing i did different was to create the extension as a Chan_SIP, would that have made a difference? I didn’t think it would.

I can’t see why that would matter. You sure the phone as able to get a config from the PBX before.

I don’t see why either, yes it got it’s original config ok. I guess I missed something critical somewhere, thank you.

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