Attempting to install on HP DL380 G5 and finding a driver is needed

I am attempting to install the latest full freePBX (downloaded the ISO a week ago), and failing almost right at the start. After choosing the installation type, the system attempts to come up to run the install, but eventually fails and drops me to a rescue shell.

Having done some research, I found several solutions to make a change in the grub.cfg file, which I did not do because the values were already set to the ‘fixed’ values (hspa settings).

Further research revealed that CentOS7 does not have driver support for the P400i SAS controller in this box. There is a driver for it, you have to make a driver disk then use the disk when installing (you hit tab when the installer starts, modify the startup by adding dd at the end to get it to prompt for the driver disk).

Is it possible to do this using the freePBX ISO installer as well? Will adding the driver (cciss) cause any issues in the freePBX flavor of CentOS?

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance!

Keep in mind if you are using the FreePBX Distro as per Sangoma’s own policy here if you modify anything you can not call it FreePBX anymore

Mainly this paragraph

“For clarity, if the software is no longer Genuine Sangoma software, you may describe it as
“based upon Asterisk or FreePBX (as appropriate]” or “derived from Asterisk or FreePBX (as
appropriate),” but you may not market it as being Asterisk or FreePBX as the software is no
longer in the form as originally distributed by Sangoma. Similarly, a hardware product is not
considered “Genuine” if it (or its installation package) has been changed in any way, even if that
change is only the changing of a driver.”

Since I am deploying this for myself, that should not be an issue. Is there any way to get the drivers officially included?

Do what? Installing drivers at boot (technically before the OS boots) is not modifying anything.

Because grub runs priors to the OS booting, yes. There is little to do with the OS at this point.

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