Atlanta Asterisk User Group Meeting

Hey all,

I am announcing the May meeting of ATLAUG an entire week early. It will be
held at CBeyond (thank-you CBeyond) in our usual meeting room on May 26. The meeting
will also be live on our conference bridge and collaboration server,
compliments of Aretta and Xelatec.

Ed Macri (mac) and I have written an Endpoint Configuration Manager using LAMP
(Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). This web based application is being designed
to run on the phone server, hopefully as a module to FreePBX (future
improvement.) You go to the web interface, enter the mac address, model and
extension number. When you click “Add,” the software enters the information
into the database, writes the config files for your tftp server and puts them
in the tftpboot folder on the phone server. If your DHCP server has option
66 enabled and pointing to the IP of the phone server, you can take your
Grandstream, Snom and Aastra phones out of the box, plug them in and they
will self configure. The Polycoms require that you interupt the boot process
at the keypad of the phone and tell it to use tftp instead of ftp.

This code is at the “works on my box” stage of development. Not being a
professional developer, I don’t know if that means pre-alpha code, alpha code
or what. We will not be distributing this at the meeting as it won’t be
finished, but we do want you to see what it is and offer suggestions for

I look forward to seeing you on the 26th.