AteriskNow 1.7 UDP PROBLEM

Hi ,

After Installing Asterisknow 1.7 ( I have made a clean installation ). I
have configured my extentions and all ran smoothly. After about 40 min I noticed
that extentions are not connected anymore to the asterisk. I tried reseting the phones etc… but nothing helped.

I ssh the asterisk server and i wanted to see if the asterisk is running.
ps -aux gave me indication that the process is running, so i executed the netstat -an command to see if port 5060 is on UDP listen.

I saw that the QUEUE of port 5060 was on about 260,000 or so packets and the QUEUE did not clear. ( all other queues were on 0 so I assume there is somekind of problem ).

After stopping and starting the asterisk i saw that the problem comes back every several minutes and i cant find a way to solve it.

Can anyone tell me how can i start to debug this ?

I was running AsteriskNow version 1.5 with no problem.

thanks ,

Eddie Harari.