ATA please help me

Hello everyone! can some one please tell me the name of any ATA that can support more than 2 FXS ports?
i have 12 analog phones that i want to use with one new freepbx. i already tested them on a Cisco spa112, and they worked fine.

why not try sangoma vega for analog?

I dont know what is sangoma vega-.
i am really new to voip

i will make some research on it.

sangoma vega would not fit my need. my goal is to put a voip system to work only internally inside an hotel. we don´t need to make calls outside the world. just so the rooms cna comunicate with each others

You should probably be looking for FXS ‘channel banks’ maybe adit (dell marketed them for a while, so cheap but unsupported), maybe xorcom (expensive but very flexible and fully supported), maybe Carrier Access (pretty well unsupported, but fully functional, for far end disconnect you better choose version 2 , personally my preference for a hotel with fxs (single pair cat 3 wiring) to the rooms, second choice would be the adit stuff) All these connect though a T1/E1 interface, if you need network native, then you need a sip gateway, Cisco, AudioCodes , grandstream, Sangoma, Adtran all have solutions but balance the cost against yours. Be aware that all of thes have ideosyncratic signalling to the FXS connections

maybe you can refer this:
and freepbx also supports hotel module:

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