ATA and cloud phone system

I have been trying to use Cisco SPA112’s and Grandstream HT802’s with a cloud installation of FreePBX for an in place analog paging system. I’m getting some weird results. I can dial out from the ATA just fine although it is a bit slow connecting. When dialing in to the Cisco SPA it works about 50% of the time and rings the analog phone, other times I just receive a busy signal. The Grandstream just goes straight to busy signal every single time I dial in.
Are these things just not recommended to use this way or is there a setting that I should change to improve them? I usually have no issues when using these devices with an onprem system.

I have installed HT802 for a few customers, it works fine using the default configuration (PJSIP, ATA behind the NAT, server in the DC), except for one customer who is using UK’s Virgin Media router, where I couldn’t find the SIP ALG option - worth checking.

Thank you for the reply Kamilk. Are you using these ATAs with a cloud based phone system or an on prem?

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