AT&T not sending DID information in a way that inbound routes understand

Hello All,

I’m currently working with Asterisk 11.10.0 and freePBX version I have an incoming fiber connection from AT&T IPflex that includes 40 DIDs. I’ve got the system so that it’s accepting anonymous incoming calls (required for AT&T) but the only inbound route that is working is the catch all ANY DID/ANY CID. This is problematic for me because my Boss wants to be able to not only use the IVR system but to allow each line to have a direct dial number that bypasses the IVR and goes directly to the extension.

The problem I am having is that AT&T doesn’t seem to be sending DID information in a way that PBX understands. I tried following the guide provided here:

But unfortunately as soon as I added in the context=custom-get-did-from-sip in the Peer details the system stopped working entirely. If anyone has any insight in to how to get this to work with AT&Ts system I would be exceptionally grateful.