AT&T IPFlex(2xPRI) - Dropped Call, Cross Connect Audio, Failed Follow-me

Just switched to AT&T IpFlex.

Now my phone calls are dropping randomly. Some calls get cross connected audio that I hear bits of the call mixed with what sounds like a voice mail recording.

Also since the switch, also randomly, the follow-me program does not cancel the follow-me when picking up the desk phone (like the notification of connection was not passed to the PBX).

I had none of this issues wen the AT&T service was delivered PRI (over smart jack). I have verified the DAHDI config and the wanrouter configuration.

Currently running Freepbx 2.11

Yikes, that version hasn’t been supported for years. A hunch though, since IPFlex is SIP trunking you probably shouldn’t be using DAHDI or wanrouter anymore.

The handoff from AT&T is to my PRI card.

You will need to work with ATT on this. From the PBX perspective nothing has changed. Its still PRI to the PBX.

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