Astricon - Do we need a car?

Called the hotel to ask about a shuttle van and I was told to give them 3-hours notice. I read a cap is $60.00
Anyone know the deal that this Red Rock Hotel?

May be a good idea to setup a ride share… Not sure how complex that would be. Next best bet would be to split a cab with someone… @malcolmd are you aware of anyone setting up this kind of collaberation?

According to Taxi fare finder site $49.20 - 56.66 including tip.

I’m not yet. But there’s a Google+ Community for Astricon. There was a 2013 Astricon group that was used pretty effectively. There’s also a generic Astricon Google+ Community[1], that should apply for this year, that I’d encourage people to use for coordinating activities.

[1] -

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Also, according to this:

there’s a bus (route SX) that’ll get you close.

One of the issues with having any type of technology show in Vegas is that you will have your attendees wonder off to “do Vegas” so actually having the show off the strip is probably a plus for exhibitors and presenters, as it’s less likely they will be presenting to empty rooms, at least that’s a theory. Then again I’ve spent over a month in Vegas over the last year, and have found that pretty much any part of town you find yourself in there is something to do, I’m looking forward to Astricon and hanging out at the resort, I think it should be a unique Vegas experience.