Asternic stats stopped working on August 8, 2018

Hi everyone.

We’ve had FreePBX operating normally for months now, but just last Wednesday, possibly after one module update or another (which ones? How do I find out after the fact?), it appears that new calls simply are no longer being logged in a way that Asternic understands. Asternic has no trouble connecting to the database it keeps, we can still see old call logs and Asternic works perfectly well with those old call logs, but we run a call center with 20+ employees in it. Everything else works perfectly fine, but we need our call statistics back.

I also just noticed that we can still see the CDR records by using the FreePBX Dashboard, and going to Reports->CDR Reports.

maybe a connection issue between asternic and your mysql database. asternic should be able to assist with this.

No, I tried that already. Besides, if I wasn’t able to connect to the MySQL database, then Asternic wouldn’t work at all and I wouldn’t get the old stats either.

I consider this to be a problem in FreePBX because it’s part of the whole package. I haven’t done anything to Asternic, or to the MySQL backend, or any of that. I’ve only interacted with it through the GUI, and mostly left it alone except for going in and doing the module updates once a week. If that breaks things, then whatever it breaks isn’t the problem, it’s FreePBX breaking things.

We do not manage, develop or maintain asternic software. They know how their software works so they can look at commits. In general we try not to make any breaking changes so 3rd party software should generally work across the board on the same version. typically if there is a change no a new release it is an addition so old stuff typically works. In any case the correct course of action is to contact them. I wouldn’t even know which modules they call to give an answer. If they are not using native functions then it is possible a change could break a bunch of stuff as changes that would be non-breaking would happen by way of the internal functions.

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