Asternic Not working

Hi Guys,

Has anyone got asternic installed on there pbx?

I just got it professionally installed but I can’t access it.

They say all I have to do is go to - IP ADDRESS/STATS

Now my ISP blocks port 80 so I have it on 443 so I would think IP ADDRESS:443/STATS should work but its not!

IP ADDRESS:443 will go to the feepbx login page

asternic doesn’t seem to have a clue. Is there something I am missing with port 80 only going to the admin page only or something funky with apache ?

its driving me nuts!

Thank you!

443 is https port … Either try accessing with https://IPADDRESS/Stats or change your port again to something like 8080.
Really weird for an ISP to block port 80 … they normally block 25 for spam control …anyway, try that.

Consumer isps will often block inbound 80 because theit TOS says you can’t host. They usually block other dirivitives such as 8080 too. I personally tunnel over ssh. You can also choose a non standard external port