Asterix and DVG-7022s. Problem with calls from IP to PSTN

I configured gateway DVG-7022s so that FXO port register on the telephony server. Telephony server is Asterisk version 11 or 13 with FreePBX 12.

On the server configured trunk to gateway.

The configuration of the trunk:
Trunk name: Trunk-8
PEER details section:

Configure outgoing routing rule.

Configuration routing rule:
Name: OutRoute-Through8
Dial Pattern: match pattern: XXXXXXXXXXX
Trunk: Trunk-8

Incoming calls are successful.

If I try to call through the gateway from a softphone, registered on another extension (101) Asterisk, on a number in the PSTN, then get message that all circuts are busy. Original message: “All circuts busy now. Please try call later.”.

What is the reason? In gateway or in Asterisk?

Igor Stepanenko.

Resolved. The reason in the gateway.