We use ACD queues , and so far this is the best free queue monitor I’ve found:


A lot of the screen is in Spanish.

these are the changes needed for it to work with a default trixbox install
fwrite($socket, “username: admin\r\n”);
fwrite($socket, “secret: amp111\r\n”);

also I changed this:

 important:  refresh not too often for bandwith  
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="30; URL=mapi.php">

To install, d/l and extract to /var/www/htmp

To access:

If anyone has other queue monitors to use please post a reply with info.

of AsteriskQueueActivity responds to

hmm - very interesting - I might translate that if you havent already.

Where do you change the refresh?

I edited his original post. The html tag he put in was getting filtered out. I think we are going to see if there is a way we can configure the site to have done the conversion automatically. Still learning …

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Heres another queue monitor: