AsteriskNow1.5 or a clean installation?


I am planning to user asterisk as our pbx equipment in a company with more and less 50 users.

Until now I have been testing the AsteriskNow 1.5 beta and 2 SPA 922 telephones to make some integration tests. I am also using X-lite and voipbuster for some traffic, conference, tranfer, etc.

Everything is update and running in a VMware

I am having the errors reporting the fop panel and the agi script, but considering they “acceptable” I would like to ask to someone that already test it if AsteriskNow is secure trustful enough to install in my company

Should I consider making like this post?

All from beginning?

Please don´t be hard with me…. I am more a windows guy…. But I also like freepbx integrated with asterisk.

I can follow a tutorial to use ubuntu or some more friendly flavor, but should i do it?


Ps: we will use a B410P card also.