I thought I’d give AsteriskNow 1.5 a spin, however I can’t find any of the useful Trixbox tools, such as Sureteq’s Guide or the Asterisk without tears

Anyone know if/where these tools exist?

At this point I am stuck at the FreePBX login with no idea what username and password to use - feeling really stupid & frustrated after hours of Googling.

Got me the password - looks like tutorial materials are scarce.

My mind remains open, I really miss: help-trixbox

I am just firing up a fresh copy of AN1.5. What are you trying to accomplish?

One softphone, 20 Polycom’s or what?

TDM card to POTS or T1… Or are you planning to use SIP and/or IAX trunk(s)?

Other than having to do a “yum install asterisk-addons-mysql” to get the CDR to work it looks good. I also installed webmin.