AsteriskNow Ver. 11.10.0 and T.38

Let me start by saying thanks for just looking at my first post, I’m a Asterisk Newb, and the only thing I know about Linux is how to spell it… barely! but I’ve managed an Asterisk system in the past and found it to be very easy to learn and manage, so I thought I would try creating one… starting from scratch. I installed asteriskNow from the ISO. great I’m up and running, but now I want to get the faxing to work through my asterisk server. can someone please get me step by step instructions on how to do this? I’ve googled for the last 3 days and either the instructions are way old referencing versions 1.6 or 1.8 or they are way over my head… then when I do run across one that makes sense it tells me to edit this conf file or that one, and as soon as I nano that file it tells me at the top “DO NOT EDIT” this file… again sorry for being a newb and hopeful that I can get this working.

Hi and welcome to our forum. You mentioned Asterisk but you did not mention FreePBX.

AsteriskNow installs FreePBX but with the Digium FAX solution that requires licenses.

The official FreePBX distro includes open source faxing preconfigured. You can also enable T.38 on any SIP peer.

Oh, Thanks SkykingOH! Is that available in an ISO format, that just installs? as I said before, I’m very new to linux and do not feel comfortable compiling code.

Look under admin there is a digium addons module. You can add a single instance fax licence for free.

jfinstrom, I did that initially, and I even got the free license emailed to me, when I looked at the instructions for how to install said license, I froze… then cried, then moved on… way to much for this windows guy… need gui based stuff… or at best easy cli stuff. Sorry

If you have the Digium Add Ons module you should not have to use the CLI.

DOS has the CMD prompt, just personal interest, why so much fear of the command line? You don’t have to know it all, nobody does, but a few show commands, how to copy files and run a program. I could teach you in 20 minutes.

I did find a step by step for the digium free license install that wasn’t too bad, it had some cli but not only did this step by step show you what to type he explained what it was doing… rather awesome for me. So I’ll close this thread after I post a link to the instructions that I found… one last request from you guys? I’ve used wireshark before to see the protocals that were being used on the computer sending the faxes to make sure it was using T.38, do you know of a program that will allow me to install on my PC so I can test it here.

Here’s the link I found…
maybe it will help the next newb… :smile: