AsteriskNOW new Install MOH Issues

I recently performed a new install of AsteriskNOW v1.5. I upgraded the FreePBX versions from 2.5 to 2.7.02 before configuring the system for testing.

One outstanding issue I am having is MOH. The /etc/asterisk/musiconhold_additional.conf file reads as follows: [default] mode=files directory=/var/lib/asterisk//mohmp3/ [none] mode=files directory=/var/lib/asterisk//mohmp3/.nomusic_reserved

If I place the default freeplay moh files in the …/mohmp3 directory, moh plays fine.

  1. The files do not show in the list of available music in the MOH module.
  2. I am unable to upload new files via the MOH module. Files appear to upload since the progress bar progresses to 100% - however, the file can not be found in the /mohmp3 directory. Once this upload reaches 100% asterisk reloads and I am brought to the homepage for FreePBX.
  3. System is unable to play .mp3 files.

I have read through various posts which talked about missing asterisk-addons, and directories with the incorrect permissions. I believe that I have checked and adjusted any incorrect properties.

Any thoughts?