AsteriskNOW FreePBX with CISCO SPA8800


Need help to solve my problem. My PBX cannot receive any incoming call from PSTN. But outgoing working properly. Im connect FreePBX with my CISCO SPA8800 FXO/FXS Gateway. Any configuration that i missed?

Hello, How could we know if you missed anything, you did not tell us what you did or provide any logs and system information.

Please provide this information if you want further assistance.

Im new setting up IP PBX…

I set only SIP at my FreePBX refer below.
a. 2 SIP for analog phone: (101,102)
b. 2 SIP for IP phone: (201,202)
c. 1 SIP for PSTN: (901)

If I want call outside I just dial (901) wait about 10-15 sec
for dial tone then I can dial outside number.

If I call from my mobile to my PSTN number. I can heard ringing tone. But I dont hear any ring tone at my PBX system.

That mean I can make a call for outgoing.
But cannot receive any incoming call.

p/s: sorry for bad english…

Im new in IP PBX system