Asterisknow/FreePBX config to Asterisk 11.5

Hello Guru’s,

after about a month of messing around, I now have;
cisco 7970G (for dial in (the free 0845 number used)
voip discount (for dial out)
cisco spa 3102 (for linking home phone in)
all working on the asterisk now centos / freepbx vm on my esxi 5 hp microserver.

I have a qnap ts-269 pro that runs ipkg but can’t run freepbx on it. is it easy to port the files from asterisk now / freepbx to just asterisk, or should I just buy another raspberry pi to run pbx in a flash on instead. just conscious I don’t want my microserver on just for the vm, save the planet and tree hugging, etc :wink:

many thanks in advance.

regards, Adrian.